Who We Are

The College Lecturers Association of Zimbabwe (COLAZ) is a union formed in 2006 in terms of the Labour Relations Act section 33 (28:01). COLAZ’s work involves lobbying and advocacy for the labour rights of academics in Polytechnics, Industrial, Teachers, Vocational and Industrial Training Colleges.

The Union concerns itself with the democratization of all tertiary institutions with a view to make more inclusive and undertakes activities that promote gender equality, non-discrimination, inclusion of the disabled and other vulnerable groups, eradication of sexual harassment among other rights issues.

COLAZ is an active member of Education International (EI) and works in solidarity with its Higher and Further Education caucus towards the global pursuit for quality, affordable education for all.

Membership recruitment and Retention Strengthen internal governance mechanisms, infrastructure and resource capacity strengthening.

Our Vision

A union geared towards best practices in advocacy, lobbying and mobilization for the attainment of a qualitative, adaptable, and democratized manpower, training development

Mission Statement

To unite and integrate Higher and Tertiary Education Stakeholders on Policy Reform and Implementation with a view to achieve a democratized labour environment.

COLAZ Executive Board Members

COLAZ is led by a highly experienced management team with significant expertise in Higher and Tertiary Education sectors.