Strategic Goals

Secure and maintain favorable terms and conditions of service for all lecturers by 2030

This strategic goal represents the core business of COLAZ. Although COLAZ has achieved gains in the last few years. It is an acknowledged fact that lecturers’ salaries are still relatively low. The Union must now pursue alignment of college lecturers with university salaries and even conditions of service.

Large Membership Recruitment and Retention by 2030

Membership of COLAZ is crucial for ensuring that people engage in the Union’s activities, contributing funds to finance such activities, gaining formal recognition and optimizing strategic effectiveness. COLAZ will develop initiatives to maintain and increase its membership numbers. The different strategies and innovative ways of recruiting new members contribute to the emerging of a dynamic picture.

Governance: Sustainability, Infrastructure and Resource capacity strengthening by 2030

COLAZ plans to develop its internal support required to accomplish our desire to be a more member driven Union capable of implementing all its programmes. First among these is in its financial health. Second is the improvement in its infrastructure to support its efficient delivery of services to the members throughout the country. Third, will involve addressing governance, administrative and leadership issues surrounding efficiency and effective delivery of its services towards the growth of the Union. Advance of member interest and overall welfare, proactively pursuing ventures that develop its members is another primary role of COLAZ.

Gender Mainstreaming, gender budgeting and Inclusivity strengthening by 2030

COLAZ is concerned about gender parity in the ranks of its leadership. The face of COLAZ should change from male dominated to one where both male and female are well represented. There is only one-woman representative at the national level. The Union should have a deliberate decision to a compliant equity requirement. Inclusivity is a factor that should be pursued with vigor so that all disadvantaged groups such as women, people living with disabilities Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex are included.