1.1 By registering as a user of the BDC Chatbot and by initiating a Transaction, you declare that:

1.1.1. You have read the RBZ Operational guidelines circular 3 of 2019 and you know, understand and agree with the contents thereof;

1.1.2. all information furnished by you to

 Conticash PVT LTD/Conticash Affiliate whether directly or indirectly is true and correct in all respects;

1.1.3. You have been informed of any limits which may be applicable to the confirmed transaction, cash disbursement subject to availability and your identity can be verified to ensure compliance with the Bank Use Promotion and Suppression of Money Laundering Act [Chapter 24:24] and the internal KYC policies of Conticash PVT LTD and the Conticash Affiliate, where applicable. All documents confirming such personal data are referred to as KYC documents.

1.1.4. You agree that all personal data, information and documentation which you provide to Conticash PVT LTD/Conticash Affiliate, whether directly or indirectly, during the registration process and at all other times will be true, accurate, current, and complete. You also agree that you will ensure that this information and documentation are kept accurate and up-to-date at all times. If at any time, Conticash PVT LTD/Conticash Affiliate has reason to believe that the information or documentation provided is false or altered in any way, your transaction will be canceled immediately and the relevant authority notified. It is your responsibility to provide the necessary proof/documents to acquit your transaction in the RBZ system for exchange control purposes.

1.1.5. You acknowledge that the FIU may, at any time, request your personal data, information and documentation from Conticash PVT LTD/Conticash Affiliate in respect of an audit conducted in terms of the Bank Use Promotion and Suppression of Money Laundering Act or on any other grounds and that Conticash PVT LTD/Conticash Affiliate, whichever is applicable, is obliged to and will provide the FIU with such personal data, information and documentation upon request.

1.1.6. Every Transaction successfully completed via the BDC online platform must be reported to RBZ. This report includes the personal details of the Sender and the Recipient and the details of the completed Transaction.

1.1.7. When compiling the report, the Initiator’s personal details are obtained from the KYC documents submitted upon registration.

1.1.8. By submitting your KYC documents and using the BDC online platform, you agree to allow Conticash PVT LTD/Conticash Affiliate to use your personal details as reflected on the KYC documents when submitting the prescribed reports to RBZ.

1.1.9. Conticash PVT LTD/Conticash Affiliate will not be responsible for any legal proceedings of any kind brought against you by any private, government or financial institution or body of any kind, due to the information that it has passed on to these institutions or bodies.

1.1.10. For further information, please visit www.rbz.co.zw/.

1.1.11. Conticash PVT LTD/Conticash Affiliate may disclose your personal information if required to do so by:

1.1.12. law (including, without limitation, when responding to a subpoena or request from law enforcement, court or government agency) or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to:

(a) comply with a legal obligation;

(b). protect and defend Conticash PVT LTD/Conticash Affiliate’s rights or property;

(c) act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of other users of the Contisend Service or the public; or

(d). Protect Conticash PVT LTD against legal liability; or

(e) third party companies or entities with which Conticash PVT LTD/Conticash Affiliate contracts, whether directly or indirectly, to provide the BDC transactions information where such companies or entities require access to your personal information to perform their own regulatory functions and not for any other purposes.